Wyandotte Industries was requested to produce a custom manufactured carbon steel nylon insert locknut that would be used for a hydraulic cylinder application. Employing our Acme Gridley screw machining technology, which was able to meet tolerances as low as (±) .015 of an inch, we were able to fabricate these locknuts based off a customer supplied print to measure precisely 1-3/4 inches in overall height and 2-3/8 inches across flats or OD.

Wyandotte Industries tapped all 1 ½-12(3B) threads for these locknuts. We also added all nylon inserts. Each nut possessed a 125 microfinish. To ensure that the locknuts met client specifications, we performed a series of in-process inspections and examined the thread fit, proofload, and prevailing torque of each nut. Once we were assured that these custom manufactured nuts satisfied all of our client’s unique product requirements, we delivered our customer’s hydraulic cylinder nuts to their facility in the midwest.
Unit of Measure
Product Description This Nylon Insert Locknut is used within a hydraulic cylinder application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Screw Machining
Insertion of Nylon Insert
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Acme Gridley Screw Machines
Tapping Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions 1 ½-12(3B) Thread, 2 3/8” Hex Size (Across Flats or OD).
1 3/4” Overall Height
Tightest Tolerances ± .015”
Material Used Medium Carbon Steel
Max Material Finish 125 Microfinish
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Thread Fit
Prevailing Torque
In process inspection
Estimated Part Weight 1.250 lbs each.
Industry for Use Hydraulic Cylinder Industry
Delivery Location Midwest
Standards Met Customer supplied print
IFI 100/107
Product Name Custom Nylon Insert Locknut