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  • Nylon Insert Locknuts

    Wyandotte Industries has been manufacturing special nuts and fasteners since 1959!

    From 3/4" thru 2 1/2" ID - M12 thru M68 sizes along with specials manufactured to your blueprints.

    Wyandotte Industries is currently manufacturing Nylon Insert Locknuts, specializing in larger sizes, including special and standard series dimensions. We produce nylon insert locknuts in low carbon, medium carbon and heat treatable steel grades, as well as non-ferrous materials. The nylon insert locknut is one of the most versatile locknuts, as the nylon insert does not wear or modify the threads of the mating part, allowing for reusability. The nut is free spinning until the bolt enters the locking insert, at which time the bolt threads then become impressed into the nylon. The nylon insert exerts constant pressure against the threads of the bolt, thereby preventing the nut from rotating. This allows the locknut to withstand severe vibration while providing a torque tension relationship.

    The gray colored insert in our nylon insert locknuts is a trademark of Wyandotte Industries.

  • Brass Adjuster Housing

    • Custom Manufactured Carbon Nylon Insert Steel Lock Nut for the Hydraulic Cylinder Industry
    • Custom Manufactured Steel Spacer for the Agruculture Industry
    • Custom Manufactured Carbon Steel Castle Nut for the Automotive Industry
    • Custom Manufactured Carbon Steel Shear Nut for the Trucking Industry
    • CNC Turning of Brass Adjuster Housing for the Military Industry