Wyandotte Industries recently manufactured shear nuts used within a truck suspension application. Employing our Acme Gridley screw machine, which was able to maintain a (+/-) .01 of an inch precision tolerance with a 125 RMS microfinish, we blanked each part. After tapping the parts, we plated each part with Dacromet ® material for corrosion resistance. Finally, we completed all necessary assembly work, which included the installation of a pellet and tubing.

In addition to these processes, Wyandotte Industries employed tapping equipment to tap all 1 1/8-12(2B) threads. Constructed from durable carbon steel, the final products measured 1 5/8 inches wide across flats and 2 3/8 inches long. In order to ensure the shear nuts met all client specifications, we performed a series of in-process testing and product inspections, examining the shear plane break, torque, and proofload of each nut. Once assured that the nuts matched our customer-supplied print and met all performance requirements, we then delivered the finished units to our buyer’s facility in California.
Unit of Measure
Product Description This Shear Nut is used within a truck suspension application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Screw Machining
  • Blank Part for Plating Operation
  • Dacromet ®
  • Installation of Tubing & Pellet
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Acme Gridley Screw Machines
Tapping Equipment
Overall Part Dimensions 1 1/8-12(2B) Thread
1 5/8” Hex (Width Across Flats) x 2.375” length
Tightest Tolerances ± .010”
Material Used Medium Carbon Steel
Max Material Finish 125
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Shear Plane Break
Torque Test
In Process Inspection
Estimated Part Weight .456 lbs each
Industry for Use Trucking
Delivery Location California
Standards Met Customer supplied print
Product Name Custom Break Away/Shear Nut