With our advanced screw machining services, Wyandotte Industries specializes in the manufacturing of bushings, collars, fittings, inserts, and spacers, along with a variety of other products. Our Acme Gridley and Davenport machinery offers ultra-precision multi-spindle screw machining operations that can hold to an extremely tight, (+/-) .002 of an inch tolerance, depending on the size and grade of the material.

With the ability to work with a variety of materials, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum, measuring up to 4 inches in length and 4-3/4 inches in outer diameter, our screw machining operations have assisted the needs of a wide range of diverse industries, such as transportation, military, medical, and mining. We can also reverse engineer almost any existing part. We invite you to contact Wyandotte Industries today to learn more about our ISO certified, ultra-precision screw machining products and capabilities.